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Not just another deals site...

We know what you're thinking, "isn't this just another deal site?" Well the answer is no! Here at indeals we're all about sticking it to the man and supporting good old independent establishments, none of your money grabbing high street chains with their plastic food and loyalty cards.

We only promote good honest deals at independent bars and restaurants, no signing up, no printing out vouchers or showing an app, just turn up... eat, drink and have a bloody good time!

Leeds, Manchester & Newcastle

indeals is still in its infancy so for now we're only promoting deals in Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. Stay tuned though because we will be expanding into your city soon.

3 guys walk into a bar...

indeals is brought to you by three good friends living in Leeds. Working for an award winning digital marketing agency in Leeds brought us together, and a love for the amazing food and nightlife on offer in Leeds brought us even closer!

Image of Tim Rooke - Strategy

Tim Rooke - Strategy

Image of Ryan Michael - Technical

Ryan Michael - Technical

Image of Brad Leeming - Creative

Brad Leeming - Creative

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